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What's Going On? is a new start-up company that claims to be a child protection company. With the amount of negative information showing up about them, should parents be concerned? The most concerning thing seems to be the way they are treating an employee that recent e-mail screen shots show they once claimed to be their best.

Furthermore, it's concerning that VidAngel reviews seem all but non-existent to the untrained eye.  The company has SEO'd meaningless sites and pushed VidAngel reviews to the 4th and 5th page of results. Would an innocent party hide their company's reviews? 

Should Parents Be Concerned?

The truth is we don't know. We can say Amazon goes through a rigorous process of testing new employees. Each new employee provides a home address, phone number, social security number, and picture ID. We know that no two people in the same house can have an account, so the verified employee reviews are separate people. 

Links to Information/VidAngel Reviews for

Here's what we found. You be the judge. We think it's very strange. The first is a list of very frustrated employees. Instead of trying to reach a solution, it seems these young inexperienced boys have just made it worse for themselves. We do know they have a lot to learn.

They also seem to be doing heavy SEO on meaningless sites in order to hide reviews.

So, if you're looking for real VidAngel reviews, it's probably not going to happen.  We have yet to find anything positive that cannot be linked back to a family member. We're not saying the site has zero credibility, but we are saying that the family has posted so much, it's hard to believe anything you read that's good about them.

When parents seek out content, especially for our children, the first thing most parent's do is check credibility and reviews.  With a lack of VidAngel reviews from consumers, a plethora of negative VidAngel reviews from employees, and several VidAngel reviews from the brother's themselves posing as employees, the scale is not tipped in their favor.

Our conclusion is that this company needs a complete image overhaul before they will even be mildly successful.  Picking fights is not a way to run any company, especially one for children. We've presented the information. The choice is up to you.  Most kids will Google this company and there's no telling what they will find.  It defeats the whole purpose of the company, doesn't it?  

Update - 4/8/2014

Looks like the bad press just continues to roll in for  We found another consumer complaint about VidAngel this morning with more alarming accusations. We were able to get Ripoff Report's comment that the two individuals who filed the complaint against VidAngel live at separate confirmed addresses. The link to the report is below. refuses to address any of the accusations against them. It seems they believe it will just go away. They're happily posting pictures of themselves crammed in a room. For what? Sympothy? It's bizarre. As parents, we have to be sure that our kids are shielded from as much negative information as possible. For this company to not even address the issue, feels like an admission of guilt. It's up to you to make your own judgement, but we've rated it   


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